"The greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin within the church"-Pope Benedict xvi

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Why I should call this child Humanae Vitae. (Or perhaps not)

This is my second Humanae Vitae baby, in that both this baby and the last were due on 25 July, which is the date in 1968, that Humanae Vitae was published. For those of you not familiar, HV, was the Papal Encyclical, which seems to have been produced largely to line many a hamster cage across the Western World.i.e. this propetic document has been largly ignored.

Why call my child Humanae Vitae?
  • Father will have to mention Humanae Vitae several times during the Mass when said baby is Baptised. That will be a first.
  • People will talk about Humanae Vitae over tea and biscuits in the hall afterwards, which will make a pleasant change from their tales of sterilisation.
  • Some people might decide they quite like Humanae Vitae after all.

Almost worth doing, except the reality would sadly go more like this:

  • Most Catholics would be heard to say, "That's an unusual name, I've never heard it before"
  • 90% of Catholics would ignore Humanae Vitae
  • A few aging liberals will write to the Bishop objecting to Humanae Vitae, making wild accusations about him/her even though they have never actually met.
  • The child will have to be referred to under a pseudonym like "Bob" or "Sally" in case their real name offends anyone.
  • Humanae Vitae would end up being locked in some dark cupboard for over 40 years, in the hope that they will be forgotten about.


Sarah Faith said...

Y'all need to move here and come to our TLM parish, where you might feel more at home :) Although being in a NO parish does probably give you lots more opportunity as you think of it to pray for the state of the Church.

Mummymayhem said...

We do have a Tridentine Sunday Mass.It is an hour 1/2 away.It is on a Sunday evening. I try to go when I can. I cannot take the whole family as it is too late, and we have a Son who couldn't handle it. I love seeing pictures of your Parish,particularly the FHC kneeling and on the tongue.
Bishop Vincent Nicholls is saying that each rite is equally valid,so how come I can't make a TLM as easily as I could a NO?

Amy said...

Yes! I love this!

You're a true heir of Chesterton, and I admire you for it. I just came over from the UC group to your blog.