"The greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin within the church"-Pope Benedict xvi

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Epiphany Blessing

We managed to get some chalk blessed, and did the Epiphany blessing on our door lintels. Had it not been for blogger Richard Collins I doubt I would have remembered this year.
We said the St Michael prayer as well at our three doorways.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Where is everybody?

I cannot understand how the magnificent Mass of ages does not seem to move people in droves to attend it. Here we have a Mass that is simply stunning. In this age of stress, and rushing around, an antidote. Stillness,silence.How many people seeing a therapist, or taking anti-depressants, but never stopping. Try the Mass of Ages. Its like therapy, only free.

To busy to pray? Too many people asking you for prayers? Try the Mass of ages. We pray for all.The living and the dead, the sinner and the saint.

If there was ever an age, when the Latin Mass was needed, it is this age. A little meeting of Heaven to Earth. How can anyone not want that?

I don't know what the Catholic population of Cardiff is. There were 4 people in Mass last night, including the Priest and Server. Last time there were only three.

I want to fling open the doors and scream,"Do you even know what is happening here?!" Do you have any idea?!"
If you want to meet God, then come here. 
Perhaps I am insane.
I can't understand why busloads of Catholics are not pulling up outside. They must not know. I can't understand anyone not wanting to come. I can't.
  It is not as if LMS Cardiff website is no good. Although you won't see a Latin Mass advertised in the diocesan "news"paper.
 .  The difference in my soul is this. When I go to a "bad"* novus ordo, I want renounce my Catholic Faith there and then. When I go to a Latin Mass, it fills me with sentiments of Faith, Hope, AND Charity. In short. It makes me want to be nice. good. Holy.

Nooo! Not this again!

But I begin to wonder if I am the only person who thinks like this. Like if I was better, nicer, holier, I could sit through some modern Mass and come out "on fire", and not in the sense that I hurl myself onto the votive candles in my frustration.
So either I am the only person who thinks like this, in which case, I am in fact, as mad as a hatter, or I am not. If I am not, then the lack of provision of the Latin Mass, the lack of promotion, the implication that this Mass actually doesn't exist anymore, is doing grave damage to souls.
To eat a Mc Donald's everyday probably won't kill you, at least not straight away, but is it fair to keep the perfectly-done grass-fed steak from people, because you think they can't handle its meaty goodness.

*Thankfully not all Novus Ordo Masses are so bad, I have found a nearby Parish which has not forgotten what the word reverence means.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Bums on seats, or souls in Heaven?

Evelyn Waugh, in his letters to Cardinal Heenan asked him, "What is the least I am obliged to do without grave sin. I find the new liturgy a temptation against Faith, Hope and Charity but I shall never,pray God, apostatize."
Today I endured  went to Mass in my nearest parish . I know that to miss Mass deliberately without good reason is a sin, but I honestly can't help wondering what one should do if Mass becomes an occasion of sin.

Why has Mass become for me ,like Waugh, a temptation against Faith,Hope and Charity?

This is a parish I have attended for years and years. I was Baptised there, made my First Holy communion there and was Confirmed there.
Since attending a reverent Novus Ordo, and the odd Latin Mass  I am shocked now by the noise, the irreverence, the priest-as toast-master.
There were at least 12 altar servers. Father delighted in the fact that there were not enough albs to go around. Several of them had nothing to do-their presence was "so they wouldn't be left out". But they were distracting. Most of the Mass was distracting.
spiritually distaracting

The constant hokey-cokey of having everyone included. The ushers, the welcomers, the introduction (yes we have an introduction),the pre-Mass announcements, the pre-mass welcome, The ushering-out of the Children's liturgy (complete with jokes) the first reader, the second reader,the reader of the psalm, the reader of the Gospel (new Deacon), the sermon-lite tm all-fluff-no substance, the bidding prayers, the collection, the welcoming back-in of the children's liturgy, the offertory, complete with extra servers who stood around with nothing to do.
At this point, I should point out, that quiet prayer was impossible before Mass, as everyone was chatting not with inside voices. In between all the outside action, we stood to sing quasi-heretical hymns. Quasi-heretical hymns are usually about US. Normal hymns are about God and Jesus. And don't sound like a bad seventies pop-song.

Since the changes, we have replaced worship of a Timeless God, with worship of our fickle selves. We have become the focus of the Holy Sacrifice, and Jesus has been sidelined into nice soundbites. Fitted into our feel-good celebration of our awesomeness. If His message fits,we'll take it. If not we'll ignore it. Love is in, salvation is out. Happiness is in,self-sacrifice is not.

A full church is seen as an acheivemnet. Some of the most dire-liturgies I have attended, have been packed to the rafters. The dreadful,noisy First Communion Masses.
Full to the brim.
 People clapping as Timmy and Tilly do their first communion dance for the audience.
 I don't agree that full is good.
 If Father preaches about nothing, and we are not challenged, pretty soon Father will have a full church. People don't like to have their consciences troubled.Its aalll good. We all know what is popular is what is right don't we?
What good is a full Church? How is it different to a full stadium, or a full supermarket? If we are not challenged, if we are not continually called to conversion?
What good are bums on seats if there are not souls for Heaven?
I don't want to go to Mass, and worship me. I am an idiot, a sinner, unable to even exist without the Grace of God. Can't we have one hour a week to give to Him who gives us all?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

More on Children in Need.

I feel I need to expand more on my objections, and personal distaste of Children in Need.
  To the average Joe, this post is perhaps a little over-the-top, and overtly obsessed with abortion. Most of what Children in Need does is laudable. Maybe a teeny,tiny percentage of their money goes towards, say "Youth projects", and maybe an even smaller percentage of that money will go on ,say, some nice free contraceptives, or a nice shiny sex-education booklet from the FPA.
So lets say, for the sake of argument, that 90% of what Children in Need does is good, and indeed nothing that would trouble a Catholic conscience.
I know so many Catholics who wholeheartedly enter into Children in Need. Many of them have heard of the funding of youth projects and the support of the Terrence Higgings Trust. They say, well MOST of the money goes to a good cause, so it is ok.
But is no one else alarmed at what seems to have become the almost compulsory nature of it. Have you ever tried to pass by a donation bucket, and not put in any money? Why you might as well be the devil himself.

And is it really "all good fun", that manages to brainwash normally ordinary,sensible people into wearing what amounts to a giant babygro all day. Teachers in their pajamas, in a class full of children in their pajamas. A pedophiles dream! And an occasion of sin as modesty goes out the window. 
Good fun? Someone is laughing somewhere. 
What if next year, we up the ante, and say wear only our underwear? albeit special Children in Need underwear? Or go nude? For the Children. And guess what?We would do it too!

There are lots of Children's charities, many of them local, that we can support, without getting involved in a mass major-tv-network sponsored emotional hysteria.
Do we not even question the power that TV can have on a nation? In an age when more Catholics are receiving their catechesis, not from the pulpit, or in their "catholic" schools, but from the "all good fun" Mrs Brown's boys?

And so back to Children in Need. The self-appointed magisterium of the BBC gets ordinary hard-working people and ordinary Catholics to pay for the odd abortion, or abortifacient contraceptives, or immoral sex-education that will lead to abortion years down the line. And we buy it. We laugh and prance about in our pyjamas and never mind if some small children, made in the image and likeness of of God die.

When we think of our  almost 200,000 abortions a year in the UK, we can get so overwhelmed with the numbers, we can forget that they happen one by one. An individual person known to God-dissolved,torn apart,stabbed in the heart, flushed away. What if that had been you? Your unmarked, anonymous death funded by dancing celebrities and little kids in their onesies.
Are all these Children in Need projects worth it, if some people have to die for a cause? If children are corrupted by filthy literature and lose their souls?

Friday, 15 November 2013

Darn.Missed our Diocesan yoga retreat.

I am so disappointed. I missed the yoga retreat put on at one of the retreat centres in our diocese. I thought Catholics couldn't participate in yoga. Now it must be ok because it is on the website.Right?

This is what the teacher Carol Young has to say:
 What is Yoga?
Yoga is like a deep wide ocean. You can go for a paddle, a swim, or dive deep within it's vast interior, or skim over it's surface. Yoga can be a weekly stretch and relaxation for some and for others it is a complete way of living.
The word Yoga means to unite. On a simple level this is the uniting of mind and body in the present. Most of us spend our lives going over past events or planning the future. The past is gone and the future does not yet exist. We have been given a gift called the present that we rarely unwrap and look at with our full awareness. Uniting the mind and body in the present can bring peace and harmony.
We live lives based on material insecurity. Nothing is permanent. We change as we go through life as do the people around us, making all relationships shift and change. Possessions can break, burn, be taken away, Jobs change and end, people die, we get older, illness occurs in ourselves and others. All these events can shatter expectations and choices.

The trouble is, to the poorly catechised, everything is fluffy, post vatican 2 haze, this all sounds so "lovely", and we all know that God and Jesus and stuff are all "lovely". In fact it sounds so "catholic". "catholic" in the new-agey, anything-goes way. 

But seriously, sarcasm aside, of all the things a retreat centre, and a Catholic one at that, could offer, and I can think of many, How about a regular Latin Mass? Catholic family days? In this desolate wasteland of a post-vatican 2 diocese so much is needed for the spiritual welfare of it's flock.  Why offer a questionable at best,demonic at worst practice?

Patti Maguire Amstrong offers a good analysis of whether or not Catholics should partake in yoga.

I have heard it said by some Priests that it is ok to participate in yoga, if you are merely doing the exercises, and not chanting/visualising some unknown god. 
\ \ \ \ The Significance of Om \ \ \ \ \
is described as "this cosmic vibration" in the Prashna Upanishad (verse 7). The name and form of God, the universal sound and vibration. So powerful that repetition of this small word can bring knowledge of the inner Self.

Should we be opening ourselves to the occult? The above is from the website of the teacher that came to the retreat centre. 
I question the wisdom of allowing such things. I like to think the Archbishop is simply unaware of such practices. Off to write an actually letter, instead of moaning here.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Children in Need (of being aborted)

Once again we approach the great secular feast of BBC Children in Need day, a celebration of much rejoicing and Pudsey-worship.
Most schools join in the celebrations, in fact it is probably on the National Curriculum, or make-sure-everyone-thinks-the-same-about-everything.
Children in Need has no problem lining the pockets of the abortionists.
Check out SPUC's charities bulletin to see how we are helping the childwen to be aborted.

So while Children in Need will fund little Timmy's new disabled swing, they will also pay for Grace or Susan or Tom to be ripped limb from limb in their Mother's womb.  If you are a child with Down's syndrome you might as well have a sticker on your head in the womb saying ,"Please kill me!" . Because that's what happens to most Down's babies.

Oh no! Don't pick on the Down's kids.

I have a son with Down's so perhaps I get overly emotional when the subject of abortion comes up. I forget sometimes that in our inclusive society, people whose parents are too young, too old, too professional, ill, scared, or indecisive are also deemed unworthy of life.

It is kind of sick to see little Tommy dressed up in his best Pudsey suit, and little wheelchair-using Tilly bringing their shiny 50ps to help the little children. Now we can print out our perverted brochures or buy a nice new plastic bucket to cast your unborn brother or sister  into. Lovely. Cupcake anyone?


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The heresy of waffle.

Heresy would be a Priest preaching something like, "Jesus is a cucumber". Outright nonsense.

 Heresy of silence, which is popular these days, is Father not talking about Jesus at all.

Then there is the insidious heresy, that which I call the heresy of waffle. It actually has little to do with the yummy, maple-syrup slathered breakfast product however.

Heresy of waffle is the ability of a Priest to preach for 30 minutes on what basically amounts to nothing of any substance. 
Not to be confused with the heresy of silence, which is the ability of a Priest to preach for 30 minutes on the rugby scores, or golf, without actually mentioning any of that silly God/Jesus/Gospel nonsense. 
The heresy of waffle is much cleverer. You will hear things that are not untrue like "Jesus loves you" and "Jesus wants you to love one another" and "Jesus wants you to be kind" . This might well be linked the the weekend's rugby match, or peppered with amusing anecdotes about Father's golf handicap, but there is nothing inherently heretical about what Father is saying.
But with the failure of further catechesis, the phrase "Jesus loves you" can become whatever we interpret it to be. It can justify the terrible self-love that is pride. 
It can keep people away from Confession, because "Jesus loves you", and "Father said". Our idea of love has become very distorted. 
Gone are the ideals of suffering,self sacrifice, and willing the good of another, and in are happy feelings, hugs and niceness. And since Confession requires an awareness of personal sin and  a degree of humility, it stands in opposition to our self-centred, we're-alright-really modern theology. 
So Father, if you preach "Jesus loves you", you have to explain what that means or you will encourage sin rather than encourage Virtue. Perhaps you could fit a bit of basic catechesis in during that time of "waffle", or talking for ten minutes without actually saying anything worth listening too.
And if you merely say, "Jesus wants you to love one another", but don't explain that further then you are as good as telling Susy to move in with Bob or even Sharon because, you see, they "love each other".
Furthermore the heresy of waffle, or the preaching of fluffy sentiment with no understanding behind it would be like taking much care to help people pick nice colours of wellies to people back in Noah's time, rather than ensuring they are safely on the ark. Or in other words, ignoring the bigger picture.

No cheesy waffles for me, thanks.