"The greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin within the church"-Pope Benedict xvi

Friday, 3 January 2014

Where is everybody?

I cannot understand how the magnificent Mass of ages does not seem to move people in droves to attend it. Here we have a Mass that is simply stunning. In this age of stress, and rushing around, an antidote. Stillness,silence.How many people seeing a therapist, or taking anti-depressants, but never stopping. Try the Mass of Ages. Its like therapy, only free.

To busy to pray? Too many people asking you for prayers? Try the Mass of ages. We pray for all.The living and the dead, the sinner and the saint.

If there was ever an age, when the Latin Mass was needed, it is this age. A little meeting of Heaven to Earth. How can anyone not want that?

I don't know what the Catholic population of Cardiff is. There were 4 people in Mass last night, including the Priest and Server. Last time there were only three.

I want to fling open the doors and scream,"Do you even know what is happening here?!" Do you have any idea?!"
If you want to meet God, then come here. 
Perhaps I am insane.
I can't understand why busloads of Catholics are not pulling up outside. They must not know. I can't understand anyone not wanting to come. I can't.
  It is not as if LMS Cardiff website is no good. Although you won't see a Latin Mass advertised in the diocesan "news"paper.
 .  The difference in my soul is this. When I go to a "bad"* novus ordo, I want renounce my Catholic Faith there and then. When I go to a Latin Mass, it fills me with sentiments of Faith, Hope, AND Charity. In short. It makes me want to be nice. good. Holy.

Nooo! Not this again!

But I begin to wonder if I am the only person who thinks like this. Like if I was better, nicer, holier, I could sit through some modern Mass and come out "on fire", and not in the sense that I hurl myself onto the votive candles in my frustration.
So either I am the only person who thinks like this, in which case, I am in fact, as mad as a hatter, or I am not. If I am not, then the lack of provision of the Latin Mass, the lack of promotion, the implication that this Mass actually doesn't exist anymore, is doing grave damage to souls.
To eat a Mc Donald's everyday probably won't kill you, at least not straight away, but is it fair to keep the perfectly-done grass-fed steak from people, because you think they can't handle its meaty goodness.

*Thankfully not all Novus Ordo Masses are so bad, I have found a nearby Parish which has not forgotten what the word reverence means.

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Jay Boyd said...

You're not alone! I wonder, too, why people don't see the value and beauty and holiness of the Old Mass. Where I live, I think many people have never experienced it...and they are not likely to have the opportunity any time soon. Our diocese is not particularly TLM friendly.