"The greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin within the church"-Pope Benedict xvi

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

So much for women's lib...

We spend a lot of energy talking about equal pay for women, and glass ceilings (how impractical).
Women can now vote from a selection of lying pro-abortion same-old, same-old candidates at election time.
We can have bank accounts now, and be Doctors and Fire fighters and all sorts of things.
Now women are deemed to be as capable as men in almost all things except jar-opening and lifting things (ok, that's just me).

Why men were invented. To open these.

I guess one could argue that women, at least in the West are now well and truly "liberated".
Except we are not. 
Oh yes, we can now do men things, and walk down the street without a chaperone and someone ringing a little bell shouting "unclean! unclean", which is quite handy when you only wish to nip to the supermarket to buy some milk and scour the yellow-sticker section for bargains.
We now have the right to vote, or at least spoil our ballot paper rather than risk our eternal salvation.
Oh these are good things. I'm not disputing. "Girl power!", to quote those great modern-day saints The Spice Girls.

What we're not really allowed to do anymore is be women.

We are supposed to do this.

Because tapping stuff into a machine all day long is just awesome.
Not arguing that many women need to work and now can.

But we're not supposed to do this.

Well. Ok. We can. 

But not more than twice, possibly 3 times if you get the "wrong" sex kid.

Women.You can do anything you like. 
Except have lots of children.
By your husband. 
You can do everything your Grandmothers did not.
But you can't do what they did.
You only have the choice not to have children. Which is not a choice if  there is only one option presented. Women. If we can only do what is the "current popular thing" then are we not slaves ?
If women who choose to have many children are seen as thick and if-only- they -knew- about -Birth -control, if in effect, their choice is THE WRONG CHOICE. Then women, We have no choice at all.
Can we choose not to joyfully chow down on our class one carcinogens so we can tap stuff into a machine so we can  be "liberated". 
Do we really despise our Grandmothers that much, our great Grandmothers? If housewives and mothers of many are frowned upon, do we not mock them? 
Grandma. You're a loser!

St Catherine of Sienna was the 24th child of her parents. She was only able to be a Saint and do her radical things because she was conceived and born.
Or any great person. Only able to do their thing because some silly woman failed to use birth control, and spent time in the great humiliation of bum-wiping, sleepless nights, and being a loser.
Or any of us. Only able to choose to live our lives because of the efforts of our Mums.

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