"The greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin within the church"-Pope Benedict xvi

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Phillip Pullman.Coming to a Catholic bookshop near you.

I was slightly surprised to see this book in our local CTS bookshop. I say slightly, since some of what the shop already sells is dissenting and heretical.
 Not all. Some.
 There is of course some very good trustworthy stuff.
How are you supposed to tell the difference?
 Fr Bob's book is excellent and orthodox, while next to it Fr Chuck's book is full of heresy, while next to that Fr John's book is full of sentimental fluff, and no substance.
How does average Joe Catholic, fresh out of his woeful tea and biscuits RCIA know what to pick? Short answer. He doesn't. He has to trust that a Catholic book shop sells Catholic books.
Bear in mind Phillip Pullman is a hardened athiest, who wanted to have the Pope arrested (presumably because he disagrees with him), and not a fan of the Catholic Church it has to be said.
 But is he really any different to so many of our dissenting Catholic writers, liberal priests, and dissident aging nuns who also disagree with the Pope, and sow confusion among the faithful?
At least Phillip Pullman is honest about what he believes(or doesn't believe) ,and doesn't run a Catholic school, or give lectures in the pastoral centre, or speak candyfloss sermonettes from the pulpit.
Even if the Catholic bookshop does stock his books.


Richard Collins said...

CTS seem to sell anything these days,I always challenge them as to why they are stocking new age rubbish but, of course, it's not the shop assistant's fault.

Juventutem London said...

Pullman however was invited to give a sermon at St Mary the Virgin, the Oxford University Chapel (Anglican).