"The greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin within the church"-Pope Benedict xvi

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

That good ship Katholik must sail.

A parish in my Diocese hosting a Muslim speaker ,in Mass,no less, does not come as too much of a surprise.
I've heard it all now.
That I'm sure he was a nice chap, who spoke well, makes it worse.
My parish also hosts visiting speakers-before Mass, but in church, from various Protestant denominations, and unqualified Catholic lay people.
All nice people, with interesting things to say, of course.
The catholic teacher,who said,"Gosh,we didn't teach about Reconcilliation until A level" . Guess that explains a few things then. Like why you can almost guarantee a young person leaving school will not practice their faith (Mainly because you can't practice what you don't know).

I missed the memo,Thank God, where the Katholik church removed all reference to sin,except murder,(not of the unborn of course), and replaced it with the one commandment to NOT OFFEND AND GENERALLY BE NICE TO OUR NEIGHBOUR,AND ALL RELGIONS ARE EQUAL AND JESUS DOESN'T MIND AT ALL REALLY.
Love one another, reduced to the level of "I love this cake!" "I love Justin Beiber!" "I love teddy bears, they are so squishy and cuddly,aren't they,aren't they?"
Newsflash! Jesus is not some stoned hippy. He is not some fuzzy do-gooder tree-hugging bloke in an organic cotton mumu.
 He is our Saviour. He saved us from eternal death by dying in our place. That's not the gesture of a wimp,that's someone who really LOVES us.
Proper love, that is, love that is self-sacrificial, not self-serving.
I have no doubt that He can "Stand up for himself" when his precious blood is decanted into a stoneware beaker, or an IKEA vase even.
Perhaps he "doesn't really mind" being relegated to a side room, or passed around like cookies.
 He is God after all. But it is all so frankly insulting. Like inviting the queen around and serving fish paste sandwiches on three day-old Value sliced white bread. She might well eat it out of politeness of course.
"Cheers J.C..Thanks for dying and all, don't mind if I put your image on this poster we've made for Catholics for recycling,group hugs and lukewarm tea and general pleasant chit chat about unimportant things."
Have some respect people. Have some care for your immortal souls. Have some respect for HIM.

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Sarah Faith said...

Amen, and how very sad.
That is why we are in the Latin rite.
There are other problems, to be sure, but reverence is high.