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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What is the religious climate in your country?

Responding to JENNIFER FULWILER at.


Where do you live? South Wales,UK.

What is church attendance like in your area? Not bad. Several Christian Churches in my town, One Catholic, one Mormon, Methodist,Baptist, Evangelical, High Anglican, Welsh language chapel, non-denominational chapels,Pentecostal. We do get together for many events. Churches together started a homeless shelter, which was later taken over by the council. Fair trade events. Lenten lunches and our town's Good Friday walk of witness, where we many of the denominations meet for prayers, and the procession through our town centre, carrying a cross.

At a typical social event, how appropriate would it be if a person were to explicitly acknowledge in casual conversation that he or she is a believing Christian? Not that uncommon.

What belief system do the politicians in your area claim to practice? They don't usually claim to practice any belief.

How many families do you know who have more than two children? Many, But I move in homeschooling/Catholic circles. Most people seem to have two, but 3 or 4 is not uncommon. Larger families of 5 or 6 are usually "blended" families.
If a family with four children moved to your area, would their family size seem unusual? What about a family with six children? Four would not be too odd. Six would be more unusual.

6.What seems to be the dominant belief system of the people in your area? Secularism mixed with general Christian secularism.Living in the Welsh Valleys people are more traditionally Christian than in other areas of the UK

7.Do you notice any trends? People seem very accepting of popular culture and it seems to inform their thoughts. IVF and contraception are seen as good things, and a perfectly normal choice for Christians.

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