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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Deemed consent is not consent.

State Property.
The Welsh Assembly Government wants to introduce a system of Deemed consent for organ donation. Of course deemed consent is not consent at all.
What it means is, my organs are the property of the Assembly Government, unless I opt out.
 Most people on the street in Wales have no idea this legislation is being considered. Thus they will not opt out, nor peruse the legislation, nor comment on it.
If you are resident for six months or more, then this legislation includes you, even if you are not Welsh. Do the Welsh Universities know about this?
I suppose there is no reason why my "donation" would not include my reproductive organs. Think of all the embryos that could be created/experimented on/aborted. My children.
The six week public consultation ends tomorrow. This is laughable. How many of the public actually know about this?
Our Bishop George Stack has been urging people to make their opinions known.
I dread that this frightening legislation will be sneakily enacted.

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