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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The great Blessing of Motherhood.

So a friend from school is pregnant, having her first child.
Somehow this blows my mind.
I have been pregnant 5 times myself, but in the thick of nausea/worry/tireness/worrying what people will think/wondering where baby will sleep etc. I forgot something.
I forgot that children are always an amazing blessing.
An absolute miracle.
I forgot sometimes in my self-centeredness that I am participating in God's plan.
Just thinking about my friend's tiny, precious baby bought tears to my eyes. I mean WOW! This small person, already known to God. A little boy or girl, looking just like themselves. A human soul. Tiny, precious-a one off utterly new and unique.
I had the odd desire to wrap my friend in cotton wool. A former professional athlete, turned fitness instructor, I wanted to ask her should she be excercising at all-to make her sit down in a chair and hand feed her whatever she wanted.
Most of all, I had the oddest desire to bow down to her, in sheer awe of the miracle taking place inside her - a co creator with God. I mean how cool is that?, and how Blessed are us women that He allows many of us to share in His Divine plan.
If I am ever Blessed with a pregnancy again, I will let myself be fussed over, and worried about, because in spite of my neo-feminist "I can do it all myself"mindset, there is something precious and delicate about the pregnant woman. It's called a baby.

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Leonie said...

So true. The baby is so precious but independent strong women like me hate the attendant fuss to being pregnant. But I should never have risked being prosaic about something so special, either.