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Saturday, 26 December 2009

HO HO HO! Why I'm not laughing at these Santa movies.

DH and I thought we would watch a silly santa movie on Christmas eve.
I don't mind my children watching Santa movies, it is usually only light-hearted entertainment after all.
The movie ends in the usual feel good way, when the hero of the movie "moves in with" the girl.
We used to have a word for this. We called it fornication.
You'll probably enjoy this film-I did-and perhaps you'll say to yourself,"Well, the rest of it is good, so we'll forget about this bit."
With all the music, and the romantic "feeling" we get from this film, we can almost excuse it-after all-if it feels good-then its ok-right?
I think this is how we become desensitised to these things. We can excuse fornication, "because they love each other", and films like this help us to think like this.
Speaking of course, as a former fornicator, while it "felt" good and exciting, it was also kind of,well, empty, and I lost something I won't ever get back.
Ok, I know this is fiction, but this film is obviously specifically aimed at children. You have a willing captive audience for this propagana. And what sort of parent doesn't let their children see a Santa movie, for goodness sake!
Fred Claus was rated a PG, so we thought we'd pre-watch it, just in case there was anything unsuitable.
We nearly always do this now, very often for the most innocuous film. I recall another Santa movie which came into our posession, a while ago.
Now bear in mind this other film,(whose name escapes me), was rated U -which means there is supposed to be nothing unsuitable for children, and is very much aimed at children. There was an elaborate scene where the children's Mother's boyfriend, was attempting to sneak out of the house, after spending the night in her bed.
Ok. Now I get that these films are aimed at all children, including those with unconventional families, but this scene was so contrived as to be laughable. It added nothing to the plot at all. Think:start the film. stop. insert propaganda. stop. continue film.
There was no reson why this scene had to be included at all. None at all. Except to normalise these things.
If Satan stood up in your town centre, and tried to lure your children to hell, you'd avoid him, He likes to muddy the waters just enough-a little bit here, a little bit there-before you know it your worldview has changed, and you didn't even notice.
Fr Corapi says that the Devil's favorite colour is grey. And Santa is an angram of Satan-just sayin'.

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