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Monday, 23 November 2009

Fuzzy felt Jesse tree.

This year,we decided to make a flat Jesse tree, as opposed to the small Christmas tree we used last year, which kept getting knocked over. We will be able to attach this tree to the wall, and hopefully get to the end of Advent with out it getting destroyed by small children.
I bought a large piece of green baize from Ebay, like the stuff that one would use to cover a pool table or a card table. Dh has already got his eye on the leftovers as an excellent surface for card games.
We glued the baize onto some foam board, and then cut out our tree shape.
We discovered quite by accident that the felt adheres to itself (Duh!Fuzzy felt), I was going to use velcro dots, so this was a happy accident.

The finished result is nice and bright, and would be great for a nursery/classroom.
Obviously we are going to remove all our decorations, and add them one by one, as we recreate the waiting in the Old Testament.