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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fun saint fact box

I put together a Saint fact box. We will use it a focal point during our Saints and Sausages/Night of Light on 31 October.
I decided on St Pio, but there are many other saints that this would work well for.

Each item has a label on it explaining what it is, and how it relates to the Saint. You can see in the first picture, we have an Italian Flag, St Pio being born in Italy.

The picture of a candle has a label attached telling us that St Pio started prayer groups all around the world.

Picture two is of a Rosary- the label explains Padre Pio had a great love of Our Lady.

This picture is of St Francis, and explains that Pio was a Franciscan Friar.

We have also put in a glove, much like Padre Pio used to cover his stigmata.

This strange looking thing is my home-made confessional box.When you open the door, you read that St Pio spent 12-16 hours a day hearing confessions.

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