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Friday, 8 May 2009

Children's Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

This is Prayer Bear. For about a year now, we have offered children's adoration in our parish, on Fridays.
Children's adoration is a designated slot-in our case between 4 and 6pm which takes place during our Friday 9 am to 9pm adoration.
During this time, parents are especially welcome to bring their children, from babes in arms to teens. It is an opportunity to pray with them, perhaps quietly answer their questions, or even for parents just to spend some time out with Jesus, whilst jiggling a fractious baby or toddler.
The idea is that even if a parent and child spends only a few minutes with Jesus, they can get some spiritual refreshment, and obtain the Grace they need to be a better parent.
The pledged adorers for these hours are aware that small children may be dropping in and out, and importantly, the Blessed Sacrament is always being watched, so parents needn't worry if they can't stay long, or need to pop out to attend to a child's needs.
Children are welcome to borrow prayer bear and choose from brightly coloured rosaries, children's prayer books to help them pray.

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